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I have been helping clients throughout Kansas City obtain successful outcomes for their criminal charges for years.

I am a Kansas City criminal defense attorney with over 35 years courtroom experience.

Once a Prosecuting Attorney has filed a criminal case, he has all the evidence he will ever get.  That’s when I go to work for you.  I study the police reports to develop your defenses and to discover violations of your rights.  I also interview any additional witnesses and search for evidence the Police ignored or overlooked.

From defending misdemeanors to felonies, I’m prepared to handle all criminal case matters.  I have an upstanding reputation among Kansas City criminal defense attorneys. With a law office conveniently located in Gladstone, I am easily accessible to clients throughout Missouri.

Criminal Attorney David Pettyjohn

Why Criminal Defense Attorney

David Pettyjohn:

  1. Representing all clients

  2. Affordable representation on criminal cases.

  3. 1-on-1 relationship with David Pettyjohn.

  4. 35 years experience in criminal defense law.

  5. Payment options available to clients.

  6. Serving all counties in western Missouri.

  7. Formal prosecuting attorney with understanding of your defense from both sides.

  8. Member of the Western District of Missouri bar and 8th circuit bar.

The most important aspect of criminal defense is to avoid being charged in the first place. Contact me before you talk to the police. See my essay on miranda rights.

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